Tractor Factor

Smaller bucket, smaller hole

Tractor Factor
On a farm, there are no front yards.

If you give a man a tractor,
He’s going to ask for a loader to attach to it.
When you give him the loader, he’ll dig a practice hole.
When he’s finished, he’ll look around for something else to dig.
Then he’ll dig a lot of really big swales (long holes between ridges).
When he finishes he might notice that he wants to dig a sump (hole to collect liquids) in the  greenhouse.
So he’ll probably do some more digging.
When he’s finished digging the sump, he’ll want a water catchment system (another, bigger hole for holding rain).
He’ll start digging it.
He might get carried away and dig catchment systems all over the farm.
He may even end up digging a koi pond (a hole with fish) as well!
When he’s done, he’ll probably want to take a nap.
Before he naps, he’ll probably want to read the latest John Deere catalog
(because obviously he’s already read Holes).
When he sees the catalog pictures, he’ll get so excited that he’ll want to dig a bigger hole.
And chances are, if he asks you if he can dig a bigger hole,
He’s going to want a bigger tractor to go with it.

I just should have given him a cookie.

(With apologies to Laura Joffee Numeroff, author of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.)