We swear, this hole was already here!

Digging Life

Our two livestock guardian dogs (LGDs) in training, Arya and Leona, took a play break recently. They take their names from a couple of tough, female protectors: Arya Stark from Game of Thrones, and Leona from League of Legends.

Arya Stark

LeonaAnatolian Shepherds are a calm but somewhat formidable breed and typically take their jobs–even at a young age–very seriously.

They love hanging out with Chewy Lewis and the Ewes, and already are keeping a watchful eye on farm activity.

Except the farmer dug a big HOLE.  And it looked like FUN. And, well…they are puppies. Big ones, at 40+ pounds, but puppies nonetheless.

One of these days, they’ll protect the livestock from coyotes, mountain lion, and feral hogs, among others. If we’re lucky, just their presence will keep undesirables away. On this day, though, it was all about loving life on the farm.

Hope you’re enjoying a great day, too!