What do we do?

Spot On Farm provides our farm partners the highest quality, most nutritious food we can raise and grow.

What’s a farm partner?

If you’re like most people, you have a wide range of service providers and family associates: accountants, attorneys, medical professionals, hairstylists, pet sitters. We all depend on these key players for their expertise. Most importantly, we value them because we have a personal and trusted relationship with each of them.

Yet many of us purchase our most important and basic inputs—our sustenance—from a grocery chain filled with products manufactured by large corporations. We can’t trace the ingredients of those food products to the farms where they originated. (Or worse, to the labs where they were concocted.)

We think this is a problem, and plan to be part of the solution. We want each of our customers to know us and our farm. We want to help re-establish a direct relationship between you and your food.

Why partner with us?

Like many others, we’ve examined today’s American food system, and found it artificial, unhealthy, and out of balance. This examination has led us to commit our farming practices to these guiding principles. We commit to:

  • Growing our plants and raising our animals in clean, pesticide- and herbicide-free environments.
  • Raising our animals in natural, stress-free surroundings. We want our animals to be happy!
  • Minimizing off-farm inputs. Many composts, hay, and animal feeds contain harmful chemicals.
  • When possible and healthy, using the outputs from one system as the inputs to the others.
  • Employing regenerative agriculture techniques and supporting diversity to create a working, mature, and sustainable system. Nature abhors a monoculture.

Want to know more? We’d love to hear from you.

Richard and Sharon Hasting
Spot On Farm